February 10, 2021

Favorite Products of February + Coffee Giveaway!

A review of Hive Brands, Peaceful Fruit fruit strips and Purity Coffee. Giveaway for Purity Coffee- keep reading!


Hive Brands

Hive is a site that sells healthier groceries on their website with no membership or fees required. I had fun looking at all of the products on their site and chose some things that I thought I would love. They choose to sell sustainable products- products that make a positive impact. Each product goes through standards such as having a low carbon footprint, tasting great, having recyclable packaging and more.

-The Project 7 Sour Fruit Gummies were new to me and I absolutely LOVE them! They are a healthier gummy snack. I love treats just like anyone else and these were perfect. I will buy them again.

-Peaceful Fruits fruit leather- These are all delicious and have no added sugar. A great snack to have on hand.

-Salt and vinegar chips are my all-time favorite flavor and these Uglies are perfectly sour and crispy.

-Love Grown Sea Stars- My kids love sweet cereals but mom doesn't so I wanted them to try this fun cereal made with beans. It was a hit!

-If you like tea and haven't tried jasmine tea, I highly recommend it! This Numi jasmine green tea is a favorite.

Peaceful Fruits Fruit Strips

Peaceful Fruits Fruit Strips

Yes! Two Peaceful Fruits fruit strips in one post. The passionfruit is definitely my favorite flavor followed by the mango. I love the variety of fruit flavors. My kids of course love these but I am saving some for myself too. These have no added sugar and make a great snack. A lot of times, in the afternoon, I crave something sweet and this helps do the trick. I truly love dried fruit so these are wonderful. They are organic and great for on-the-go.

Purity Organic Coffee

The best part of my morning is my coffee! Troy and I are obsessed with our morning coffee and we love the dark roast coffee from Purity Organic. It is loaded with flavor and is USDA organic. We love to make a hot cup of coffee and go for a walk as a family. Nothing like walking or hiking with some hot coffee. If you haven't tried Purity Organic yet, I definitely recommend it!


The giveaway will be for a variety of coffee from Purity Organic coffee to one reader.

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Samples were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I am always searching for a great smooth dark blend so I would give that a try first!

  2. I would pick the medium roast.

  3. I likE DARK ROAST THE MOST. i SMILE JUST THINKING about drinking it.

  4. I would pick the dark or medium roast

  5. I would love to try the dark roast coffee!


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