February 08, 2021

My Healthy Morning Routine

A healthy morning routine including a healthy breakfast, a good workout, a plan for the day, some caffeine along with hydrating and taking supplements!

I love reading about people's morning routines because they often give me ideas of how to start my day in a productive way. I am totally a morning person and jump out of bed ready to workout or start my work and want to share my little routine with you of how I start my day. This year is definitely different with doing school at home with my kids because I have to fit my work in between everything else which is really hard.

My Healthy Morning Routine- Weekday Edition

5:50-6:30 AM- Wake-up! I often wake up on on my own or sometimes, I get up when my husband's alarm clock goes off. I always drink a bunch of water through the morning to rehydrate.

Wake-up to 7:08 AM- On Wednesday and Saturday, I run 5-5.6 miles with my dad! What an amazing way to start my day!! On Monday, I do a BodyFit by Amy YouTube strength video. Some of the other days, I walk on the treadmill or use our Max Trainer. I feel most energized when I start the day with some exercise though that doesn't always happen.

If I have a good amount of work to do, I go downstairs to my laptop and get to work. I often answer emails, schedule social posts or write blog posts. The life of an influencer changes every single day depending on what I need to get done.

7:08 AM- Oliver comes running downstairs saying "Mom, it's 7!!". His alarm clock is 8 minutes slow so his 7 AM is our 7:08 AM. I try to keep working for a bit as this is my best uninterrupted time through the day, often with Oliver right on my lap. I write out my to-do list for the day so I know what I have ahead and talk to Troy about what we have on the schedule for that day.

Around this time, Troy brings me my coffee that he made and leaves for work.

7:30 AM- Breakfast time! Lily and Adalyn are often up by this time. Sometimes Lily sleeps in. The kids and I eat breakfast together and we have any of the following: Greek yogurt, oatmeal, leftover pancakes or French toast, fried eggs, overnight oats, cold cereal or a smoothie. We get bored of eating the same foods so we switch it up everyday. During the week, it is always something quick that we eat. 

8:00 AM- Time for vitamins! The kids love taking their kid vitamins and enjoy getting them out for each other and they are good at reminding me to take my vitamins. I take omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and a multivitamin. 

I love Routine's probiotic supplement which I take for gut health. I am a huge supporter of probiotics and feel like gut health is such an up-and-coming topic which more research coming out on its importance. Routine uses premium, science-backed ingredients to help you feel your best. They aim to be "good for you, good for the planet" so their supply chain uses the lowest possibly footprint with compostable pouches and boxes made with 100% recycled materials. Routine only uses clinically proven strains of bacteria.

Some possible benefits of probiotics include: helps with gut health, boosts immunity, balances vaginal health (having healthy bacteria can reduce the amount of infections you may get) and may help with stress and anxiety. Routine is a prebiotic and probiotic with essential strains to help you feel your best. It is vegan, soy-free, lactose free and allergen-free. They offer a subscription service where you get can get your probiotics sent to you monthly which is an easy way to make sure that you don't run out of your supplements. 

8:30 AM-11 AM- School time! Adalyn is on her live zoom calls and Mom plays Oliver's preschool teacher. Monday to Friday- we do some kind of writing, workbook, letter sounds, numbers, shapes, etc.

11 AM- Kid's recess time! If I didn't run that day, we will go out on a walk around the neighborhood. 

Greek Chicken Meal Prep Bowls

11:30 AM- Lunch- We love switching up our lunches a bunch too and sometimes have soup, pasta, salads, sandwiches, leftovers, etc.

All afternoon- work and do Adalyn's 1000 assignments.

This post is sponsored by Routine. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Great post! i love having apple cider vinegar drink in the morning and it is a great drink to kickstart your day! love the ACV by Kapiva, its pure and great quality.


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