May 06, 2021

Easy Memorial Day Barbecue

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Easy Memorial Day Barbecue features a plant-based burger bar, pasta salad, fruit and a patriotic sugar cookie fruit pizza for a fun and easy America-themed party!

Memorial Day Barbecue
I love Memorial Day because it feels like the real start of summer. The weather is usually quite warm for one of the first times that year in Michigan and we always have a lot of fun celebrating with family. I wanted to make an easy Memorial Day barbecue for my family and my husband, kids and I had a lot of fun. We made plant-based burgers, Mexican street corn pasta salad, fruit and a patriotic sugar cookie fruit pizza.

Easy Memorial Day Barbeque

Easy Memorial Day Barbecue Menu

-Gardein® Ultimate Plant-Based BurgersOh my goodness, these plant-based patties are so, so good! They are thick, juicy and amazing with all of the regular burger toppings. We are not vegan, but love eating meatless burgers, and these are so good. We cook them on the grill or even on a pan for a quick dinner. My daughter deemed these the best burgers she has ever had so that is a good thing! They are 1/4 lb burgers so they are very filling and taste a lot like real meat. We topped them with Hunt's® Ketchup, Gulden's® Spicy Brown Mustard, tomatoes, onions, and romaine lettuce. We keep this ketchup and mustard in-stock all summer for easy grilling toppings.

-Vlasic® Dill Pickle SpearsDill pickles make it out any time we eat burgers or hot dogs and these are so good! My kids eat them for snacks all the time. We like eating these as is or chopping them up for different recipes.

Greek Pasta Salad

-Greek Pasta Salad- I just tossed together 1 pound of pasta noodles, a bottle of Greek dressing, chopped tomatoes, peppers, feta cheese, red onions and parsley for an easy pasta salad that everyone will love.

-Fresh fruit

-Dessert- Patriotic Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza- I wanted to make something super easy that my kids would think was awesome and came up with this fruit pizza. I bought store-bought sugar cookie dough, pressed it on the bottom of a pie pan, baked it and then cooled it. I topped it with Reddi-wip® Original Whipped Topping, fresh blueberries and sliced strawberries. Simple and delicious! The Reddi-wip is made with real cream as the #1 ingredient and is so rich and creamy in this recipe.

Memorial Day Cookout from Walmart

Everything came together so well and made the most delicious BBQ. There are so many things that you can serve at a BBQ and these are just some examples of things that come together in about an hour. I picked up all of the ingredients at Walmart. Sometimes, I like shopping in-store but this year, I have fallen in love with ordering Walmart groceries online because it is so easy to do, you don't even need to get out of your car and there is no extra fee for an online grocery pickup order.

Memorial Day Fruit Tray

With the patriotic and summer themed foods, we had red, white and blue plates and napkins which was fun. The flag d├ęcor in the background of these photos was made by Troy's Aunt Carlota as a gift to us. We love it and display it all summer long.

Flag Fruit Pizza

How to Make Patriotic Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza

I am super excited about this easy Memorial Day dessert because it takes almost zero effort and is super delicious! You literally just take store-bought sugar cookie dough and press it in a pie pan. Bake it, let it cool and then cover with Reddi-wip, blueberries and sliced strawberries. The combination of the cookie crust bottom, whipped cream and fruit is so good. I am going to make this all summer for events. I am going to try it with all different fruits too. Inexpensive, easy and tasty, it is a win-win!

4th of July Barbecue

Memorial Day feels like the official kickoff to summer and something that our little family loves and looks forward to each year. We usually get together with Troy's Dad and stepmom Wendy, go to a Memorial Day parade, and then going back to their house and eating food all day long. This year we're happy to enjoy some great food and family time right at home.

Memorial Day Barbecue

Troy's Dad was in the navy and we love celebrating him each year and remembering the soldiers that served our country. Conagra is making a donation to Operation Homefront to support military families. What a great way to celebrate Memorial Day by supporting military families through Operation Homefront. Conagra has lots of delicious items for BBQs as they help to honor heroes!

Ordering everything online from Walmart was easy!

How to Throw Together an Easy Memorial Day Barbecue 

First, grill the burgers and chop up all of your toppings. Meanwhile, boil your pasta and chop up all ingredients. Slice your fruit and bake your patriotic fruit pizza. See recipe below. Everything will come together in about an hour. Super easy!

Patriotic Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza

Flag Fruit Pizza
Yield: serves 8 

Patriotic Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza

Patriotic Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza features a chewy sugar cookie crust with whipped cream, blueberries and strawberries for an America-themed dessert perfect for Memorial Day and 4th of July!

Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook time: 15 minutes Total time: 20 mins


  • Nonstick spray
  • 16.5 ounce tube sugar cookie dough
  • Reddi-Wip
  • 3/4 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 cup strawberries


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a pie pan with nonstick spray. Press the cookie dough evenly on the bottom of the pie pan and halfway up the sides until the dough is smooth. 
  2. Bake for 15 minutes until cookie dough is cooked through. Remove from oven and let cool.
  3. Once cookie is cooled, top with whipped cream, blueberries and strawberries as desired. You can follow the pattern on this one if desired or make your own design.
  4. Slice into pie slices when ready to serve.

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Easy Memorial Day Party

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  1. The Greek Pasta salad sounds delicious and easy to make.

    1. Thanks! We make easy pasta salads like it all the time. Perfect for a picnic or potluck!


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