July 14, 2021

Fresh and Healthy Meals from Factor

Factor Meals offers fresh and healthy meals right to your door! It is great for people on-the-go, busy moms and professionals.

How is it that our summer feels even busier than the school year? I'm just going to go with that life is always busy and that the busyness just changes through the year and by the season. I've been finding it hard to fit in all of the summer activities we want to do and cook three meals a day. I want to share these Factor meals that I've been loving on busy days.

For at least one meal a day, we use up a bunch of random foods we have on hand: leftovers, easy things like PB & J, etc. When mom wants something a little more substantial, these Factor meals are awesome. They are nutritious and all I have to do is heat them up. We actually recently had a large flood in our basement where 2 feet of water came into our home and ruined so much. These meals were perfect during that time when I had no time or energy left to cook.

Factor delivers fully made meals right to your home. They have a menu each week that you can choose from. You can choose meals based on your taste preferences and dietary restrictions. They have seafood, veggie and meat options. The meals are cooked from scratch by real chefs using fresh ingredients. The meals are delivered fresh. They are not frozen which is nice. I just heat mine in the microwave but you can also heat them in the oven. 

My favorite part about these meals is that you don't have to think about what to make for every single meal. I think that they would make great work lunches or would be great for a time when you are really busy. My second favorite part is that they offer a complimentary nutrition coach with each subscription. You can have a 20 minute consult with a registered dietitian for nutrition advice. As a registered dietitian myself, I love that they have a nutrition professional to help!

My favorite Factor meals are the garlic tomato shrimp and the artichoke and spinach chicken breasts. They are super tasty and feels like a restaurant quality meal right at home!

They also offer Factor+ which is an add on offering to their regular meals where you can choose additional proteins, juices, soups, energy bites, veggie side dishes and desserts. Factor is especially amazing for busy moms. A lot of times, I will get together food for my 3 kids and then realize, oh yeah, mom needs food too! I like that I can heat these up while I am helping my kids out.

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This post is sponsored by Factor. All opinions are my own.

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