September 29, 2021

Adalyn is 7!

I've been writing updates about my daughter Adalyn since she was 2 months old and now, she just turned 7. What the heck?!? The updates are no longer about milestones but now, I share these so that I can remember these sweet times when my girl is 7 years old. Here is what is going on with Adalyn at age 7:

-Number one is that Adalyn is the best sister. So, so helpful with Lily. She gets her out of bed for nap and night if she is around and races me to get her. She gets mad if I reach Lily first. She changes her diaper sometimes and helps get her dressed. She reads to her siblings and is the absolute best.

-On a second note, Adalyn and Oliver fight like crazy and know how to push each other's buttons. At least a few times a day, they are screaming at each other and someone always gets hurt. Exactly how my brother and I were. Overall, Adalyn and Oliver love each other so much and get along really well.

-Adalyn is an expert reader, writer and speller. She excels at it and absolutely loves reading and writing. She reads graphic novels all the time.

-She loves one on one time with Mom especially. We go on walks and dates to Panera often. Adalyn thrives on special time.

-She loves to plan girl's nights with my mom and sister.

-She loves sleepovers at her grandparent's houses.

-She is a daredevil and goes on all of the big rollercoasters at Cedar Point.

-She loves gum, fruit, candy, salad bars at home, feta cheese, berries, hotdogs, gumbo and more. She is an awesome eater.

-She still never wants to sleep and takes a couple hours to fall asleep each night. She loves coming down for 1000000 more hugs and kisses.

-Adalyn sleeps with our dog Jaxen every single night and is awesome at taking care of him.

-She loves country music and knows all of the words to many songs we don't even know.

-The biggest thing about Adalyn is that she has a huge heart. She cares so deeply for her family and would do anything for them.

-She is awesome at running and hiking. Though I know she thinks we go on way too many family walks lol.

-Her style has changed a lot and she loves pants and t-shirts or fuzzy sweatshirts more than dresses- mom is sad!!

-Adalyn loves McDonald's and a Greek chain near us called Estia.

-Adalyn is my little buddy and comes with me everywhere!

-She is in 2nd grade and is so happy to be back in school after 1 1/2 years of school at home.

Adalyn you are an amazing girl and we love you so, so much!

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