October 18, 2021

Tips for Running in the Cold Weather

Tips for running in the cold weather including what to wear, what to drink after the run, how to get warm, quality gear and more!

The weather is getting colder and I'm going to try to keep up my running all through the cold winter and early spring months. I'm going to share my cold weather running routine that I follow to make winter running easier. I currently run twice a week with my dad in the mornings. We run about 5 1/2 miles each time. While I prefer the weather being nicer out, I still love running all year round and don't want to lose my running ability just because it is colder. Here are the things that I do to make running in the cold easier.

Tips for Running in the Cold Weather

1. Wear the right gear

The most important thing to make winter running bearable is to dress correctly. If you dress right, in my opinion, 30 degrees and up doesn't feel much different than 65 degrees running. There are so many quality running products nowadays. They can definitely get pricey and while I love to save money, with running, I find that having quality gear really is important. I'm going to be honest and tell you that I wear the same running gear often so you certainly do not need to have tons of different outfits. I recommend a good lightweight but warm running jacket, quality running leggings- I like a little compression and a long sleeved wicking layer.

Here is my approximate guide to running in different temperatures:

-55 degrees+ = shorts and tank top or short sleeves

-40-55 degrees- long leggings and a long sleeve wicking layer, gloves, headband

-25-40 degrees- long sleeve wicking layer, compression leggings, lightweight running jacket, heavy running gloves, warm hat

-Below 25 degrees or so- extra long sleeve layer, maybe an extra pair of pants over my compression leggings depending on the wind

2. Don't forget to hydrate

It can be easy to forget to hydrate since it isn't hot out but it is just as important as in the summertime to rehydrate after a run. I'm 1000% obsessed with Ultima Replenisher electrolyte drink powder which I have drank after every single run for well over a year now. My favorite flavor is the cherry pomegranate but many of them are great like the pink lemonade and lemonade flavors. 

I got really excited to see that they have new Ultima Mocktini flavors in Coconut Piña Colada, Appletini and Peach Bellini. They come in the stickpacks and Ultima has no sugar or calories in it. It has electrolytes, trace minerals, vitamin C and zinc. They taste delicious and encourage me to drink a bunch after my run. I absolutely LOVE the Peach Bellini and Appletini flavors. They are my new favorites and I enjoyed one this morning. 

I used to get really weird headaches a little bit after my run while I was in the shower and they would last a few hours. I think that I was partially dehydrated which the electrolytes in this drink truly helped. When I started drinking it right after my run, I literally never got another headache after running again! Crazy! 

We traveled a lot this summer and I took Ultima with me everywhere I went if I knew that I would be running. I love the stick packs that they sell so they can easily be taken on-the-go. 

To enjoy Ultima, just mix in one scoop or one stickpack into 16 ounces of water. It mixes in easily and the flavors are great.

3. Hop right in the shower

When it is cold, I find that the quicker I get in the shower, the quicker I can feel normal again when it is really cold. 

4. Stretch after your run (and a bit before)

I find that the colder it is, the more I need to stretch before and after my run. I only do it for a couple of minutes but it helps with muscle soreness through the day.

5. Quality hat and gloves are a must

This is so important that I made it its own section separate from gear. When you are running in the cold, if you are not wearing proper hat and gloves (or mittens), you are going to be very, very cold. I recommend looking up "running gloves" and buying something highly rated for the temperature you're going to be running in. For a hat, I like a stretchy running hat that is fleece lined and also have a running headband depending on the temperature. 

6. Wear chapstick 

On winter runs, I always put chapstick on before running so that my lips are not super chapped and bothering me during the run.

7. Bring tissues

The second it gets cold, my nose runs like a faucet during a run so I shove a few tissues into my pocket so I can use them as needed.

Do you run in the cold winter months? I'd love to hear your best tips!

This post is sponsored by Ultima- truly my favorite thing to use after each run!

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