November 21, 2021

Kitchen Holiday Cleaning Tips

Cleaning tips for keeping your kitchen looking its best during the holiday season including cleaning as you go, time saving tips and how the Neato intelligent robot vacuum helps with cleanup!

I don't know about you but during the holiday season, we seem to cook and bake so much more than usual. Sure, I cook daily for my family anyways but during the holidays, we bake a lot more and cook more in-depth dishes that take longer than the meals I make on a daily basis. I love cooking and baking for the holidays because it usually means time spent with family which is my favorite. Today, I want to share my kitchen holiday cleaning tips with you for a clean kitchen after your cooking and baking is done.

Kitchen Holiday Cleaning Tips

Clean up as you go

My number one kitchen cleaning tip while cooking is to clean up as you go. I like to wipe up any spills immediately and put away ingredients as I go. Otherwise, I find myself feeling overwhelmed by the large mess that is left in my kitchen after cooking a bunch. 

Vacuum up crumbs

For easy cleanup, the Neato intelligent robot vacuum is amazing! The NEW Neato D9 robot vacuum has so many features that are amazing. The Neato D9 is helpful for medium sized homes (up to 1600 square feet). Its D-shaped design allows it to vacuum close to edges and deep into corners and picks up 40% more dirt than the Neato D5 and its ultra-performance fliter captures up to 99.5% of allergens. Furthermore, you can control where and where not to clean by defining cleaning zones and no-go zones on your phone app which is awesome.

If you have a larger home or just want the best, the NEW Neato D10 is the right robot vacuum for you. It covers up to 2700 square feet in a single charge and has a XXL battery with 300 minutes of run time! It picks up 60% more dirt than the D5. This version has max-power mode for the deepest clean. These robot vacuums make cleaning so much easier!

Wipe down counters

It only takes a couple of minutes to wipe down counters right after you make a mess compared to when sticky messes dry. I like to wipe down my counters right after I get done cooking.

Wash dishes right away

This is one I'm still working on if I'm being honest! It can feel easier to leave pots and pans until later but it makes washing the dishes harder as food hardens on dishes. Load up the dishwater and hand wash any dishes that need it after you're done cooking. Also, one thing that Troy and I always make sure is done is if we are having people over, we make sure that the sink is empty and that the dishwasher is unloaded so that we can put dirty dishes right into the dishwasher. This makes party cleanup so much easier.

Have a scrap bowl

One of my tips to make cooking and cleanup easier is to have a bowl for scraps. When I am making something like soup and have carrot peels, scraps of onions, celery, garlic and more, it is so much easier to collect all of the scraps in one bowl and dump it into the trash at the end of cooking than to go to the trashcan a million times. 

Wipe down cupboards

We painted our cupboards white about 4 years ago and they are still looking great. The problem with white cabinets is that they show any kind of dirtiness really easily. When we are entertaining, I take a wipe and go around and wipe down little marks on the cupboards to have them look their best.

Cook ahead of time

If you are able to make the food ahead of time before entertaining, you can have time to cleanup before guests arrive which is nice. Then, you can enjoy time with your guests instead of being in the kitchen cooking and trying to cleanup during your gathering.

Wipe down appliances last minute

All of our appliances are stainless steel and can show fingerprints really easily. I have three young kids so let's just say, at any given time, there are fingerprints everywhere. When we are having people over, we wait until a few hours before to clean the appliances so they look their best.

I hope that these tips help you get your home holiday entertaining ready! Have a great holiday season.

This post is sponsored by Neato. All opinions are my own.

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