December 01, 2021

Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

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Don't forget your pets this holiday season! This gift guide gives ideas for what to get your dogs for Christmas including treats, toys and more!

Dogs love Christmas gifts too! Don't forget to grab a couple of goodies for your pets this holiday season. They want something special on Christmas morning and I'm going to share some things that our dog Jaxen is loving. 

I mentioned it on Instagram over the summer but I was too sad to keep talking about it but our sweet dachshund Ava passed away over the summer. Our other dachshund Jaxen is doing amazing but I'm sure he is missing his best friend and this year (and always), he deserves all of the treats and gifts. 

Bearnola Bites and Grain Free Meaty Bites from Charlee Bear

Any dogs top choice for a gift: dog treats! Jaxen loves treats and these treats from Charlee Bear are perfect! The Bearnola Bites are made from ingredients that you would find in your own pantry and include crispy clusters. The Grain Free Meaty Bites are made with two wholesome ingredients: a protein and a fruit or veggie plus added probiotics. Jaxen is obsessed and crazy for the Meaty Bites. He goes crazy when we bring these out! The kids love giving him treats especially. 

Multipet Dog Toys

Even at age 11, Jaxen still enjoys dog toys! Multipet has lots of squeak toys which are Jaxen's favorites as well as rope dog toys, plush dog toys and more. These toys are made for dogs that like to toss, tug and play gently with toys. Jaxen loves playing fetch a little bit with these toys. He likes the giraffe eco safari animal that is super soft and squeaks. We also got the Nobbly Wobbly rubber ball to give to my sister's Irish Setters for playing fetch in the backyard. *Monitor your dog when they are playing with any toy!

Soothing Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Itch Relief Dog Shampoo from Natural Care+

Part of taking good care of your dog includes giving them a bath. This oatmeal shampoo gives relief for dry and irritated skin. This dog shampoo has oatmeal and aloe vera for quick relief. The itch relief shampoo is a good idea to have on hand if your pet gets dry, itchy or irritated skin. It has goat milk to moisturize your pet's coat. 

I love the smell of these shampoos! They are gentle and get Jaxen really clean. I wouldn't say that Jaxen loves his baths but we like him being clean and smelling good so this is helpful.

Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover

Not to talk badly about our beloved Jaxen but if you know anything about dachshunds, they are very stubborn and don't want to be 100% potty trained even though they know that they are not supposed to go to the bathroom inside the house. This extreme stain remover is 3x stronger than the brand's regular formula to eliminate tough dog and cat odors and stains. A necessary evil to have on hand when you have pets.

Have an awesome holiday season!

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