June 06, 2022

Tips for Living Your Best Summer Ever!

Tips for living your best summer ever including spending time outside, getting your COVID-19 vaccine to stay protected, relaxing, making a summer must-do list and more!

Summer is finally here! It seemed like this winter really dragged on and we cannot get enough of this warm summer weather. We made a simple summer must-do list and hope to check everything off. Think tons of pool days, kayak trips, bike rides, bonfires, ice cream and more. We are going to be living our best lives all summer long for sure!

Tips for Living Your Best Summer Ever

Get outside

Summer is short in Michigan and my #1 tip is to get outside as much as possible. Go on bike rides, take your dinner outside, go for a walk, find a place to go swimming, etc. What makes me the happiest in the summer is getting outside and getting some fresh air and sunshine as much as possible,

Get your COVID-19 Vaccine

We are all so sick of all things COVID-19 related and in my opinion, it is time to live. No more staying at home, it is time to get out (as we have been for about the last year)! To feel our safest, Troy, Adalyn and I have all had our vaccines. Troy and I have had our booster shots. We all had covid in September and the kids and Troy had mild symptoms but I was sicker. I'm thankful for my vaccine because I do think I would have been sicker without it. 

Also, my parents both just had COVID-19 after avoiding it for 26 months. They both had SUPER mild cases. My dad had a runny nose and my mom felt run down with some mild symptoms for around a week. My mom is a little bit higher risk and did excellent with COVID. For my parents who had their vaccines plus 2 booster shots, I definitely think their vaccines helped make their cases extremely mild. 

Adalyn has had both doses and will get a booster before school starts in the fall. Oliver just turned 5 and will be getting his 2 doses before school starts. When the vaccine is available for children under age 5, Lily will be getting hers also. The COVID-19 vaccine helps prevent more serious cases of covid including hospitalization and death.

I Vaccinate is a wonderful resource for providing helpful information based on medical science and research to help Michigan residents protect their families from vaccine-preventable diseases. Learn more about which vaccines to get and when, the safety of vaccines and more.

Plan fun summer foods

For me, a huge part of summer is enjoying all of the summer foods. Watermelon, peaches, anything on the grill, pasta salads, picnic food and more. We have certain foods we must eat in the summer so I love making a list with the kids to see what they want me to make and make sure to enjoy all of those foods through the summer.

Make a summer must-do list

We all know that summer flies by way too quickly and making a summer must-do list is a great way to make sure you get to do all of the things you really want to before it gets cold again. On our list is a trip to Cedar Point, certain parks and beaches we must-do, time with family, hiking and more. We love watching the fireworks, going on my brother's boat and watching our garden grow. I am so excited to experience all of these things all summer long.


Whatever you love to do to relax, do it! Summer is a great time to unwind from our busy lives. Personally, my relaxing is doing something active such as hiking or going on a date with my husband Troy. What I mean is to really take some time to do things you love. Take time off of work if you can and do things that bring joy to your life! 

Spend time with loved ones

What makes your heart feel full? For me, it is always time with family and friends. The more days we spend with family and friends, the happier I feel. Troy and I find it super important for the kids to know all of their family members well and to be able to really talk to them. To be able to have a conversation with someone who is 2 or 85. We love showing our kids the importance of family! We will be doing this a ton this summer.

I hope you have the best summer ever! It goes quick so let's soak it up.

This post is sponsored by I Vaccinate. I am proud to partner with them to help promote the importance of vaccines!

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