January 25, 2024

5 Tips for Preventing Dry Skin This Winter

Tips to prevent dry skin this winter including nutrition, hydration, skincare, using a humidifier and more!

My skin-type has always been dry and in the winter, I notice that my skin is even dryer. Over the years, I have learned these tips for preventing dry skin in the winter that are so helpful! When the air is dry and the weather is cold, try these tips for keeping your skin looking and feeling great.

5 Tips for Preventing Dry Skin This Winter

Venta LW25 Humidifier

1. Use a humidifier

For years now, we have been using a humidifier in our home, especially our bedroom and it helps so much with keeping our skin hydrated. A humidifier adds moisture to the air which can help prevent dry skin. I like the Venta LW25 which humidifies areas of up to 430 feet. It keeps air at a healthy humidification level of 40-60%. You just fill it with tap water and it will humidify your space. It uses cold evaporative humidification and does not need any filters which makes it so easy.

You can even add aromatherapy oils to your humidifier if you like. It fits 2 gallons of water so you don't have to refill it constantly. If you are running it on the highest setting, you just need to refill it one time per day or less if you don't have it on all day.

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Antioxidant Rich Salad

2. Eat nutrient rich foods

Some of the best foods for healthy skin are a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Think antioxidant rich foods such as blueberries, greens, peppers and strawberries. Your skin will also benefit from healthy fats such as nuts and seeds. Some great options are almonds, walnuts, and pistachios. Also, focus on foods with a high water content to hydrate your skin such as watermelon, cucumbers and citrus fruit.

3. Put on moisturizer right after a shower

Lotion and moisturizers are helpful by trapping existing moisture into your skin. It is the most helpful to put on moisturizer right after getting out of the shower. 

Sparkling Hydrating Drink

4. Stay hydrated

If you are dehydrated on the inside, your skin will look and feel dryer. Make sure you are drinking fluids through the day and yes, tea, coffee and soup all count. It may not be as easy as in the summer to chug cold water but there are plenty of ways you can get liquids including warming up your water, adding flavors to your water and drinking hot drinks like a broth-filled soup or herbal tea.

5. Don't shower for too long

Hot water dries out your skin and lots of dermatologists will tell you not to take a hot shower. I don't know about you but I am not taking a lukewarm shower in the winter. Instead, I take a hot shower but try not to stay in there for too long and don't shower every single day.

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