April 02, 2024

5 Items to Stock Up on for the Soccer Season

Items to stock up on for the soccer season to make the season fun and easy!

Our 7 year old son Oliver loves playing soccer! He plays two seasons per year and my husband Troy has been his coach for the last 3 seasons. They both love it and I wanted to share some items that we make sure that we have before the soccer season starts.

5 Items to Stock Up on for the Soccer Season

1. Good cleats and insoles

A good pair of soccer cleats that fit well are essential for a good soccer season in my opinion. We have seen kids with regular tennis shoes on and they are more likely to be slipping around or are not able to turn as quickly as the kids who wear cleats. We don't typically buy ours new- Facebook swap groups are amazing and we have gotten most of our cleats for around $5.

If your soccer player needs insoles for their soccer cleats, the ones from Currex are a great option. I personally have feet issues and a good pair of sports and running insoles can make all of the difference. 

2. A soccer ball to practice

Though much of Oliver's soccer practice happens at scheduled practices, we do like having a good soccer ball to practice at home or at a local school to get ready for the season.

3. Shin guards

Shin guards are necessary so your little soccer player does not get kicked in the shin during a practice or a game.

4. A good water bottle

I love for my kids to have pretty large, good quality reusable water bottles for their sports. A couple of our favorite brands are Contigo and Zak! Designs water bottles. They last so long, are dishwasher safe and don't spill- an essential for kids.

5. Lots of snacks

After the soccer games, Oliver is always so hungry and we always keep a bunch of snacks in our minivan. Also, when it is your turn to bring snacks for the team, it is helpful to have a bunch of snacks ready to go. Some go-to's are Goldfish, granola bars, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc. Here are some more ideas for food to pack for a day out.

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