July 18, 2010

Dream Water Review

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Sometimes I have too much on my mind to be able to fall asleep and last night was one of those nights.  I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to try out the Dream Water that I was sent for review.  I got to try two different flavors: lullaby lemon and snoozeberry.  Last night, I tried the lemon.  It tasted really good. Almost like lemonade. 

The product is zero calories and helps you to relax.  Here is how the company says that Dream Water works:
I think that these products are great and love the idea that you can drink this instead of taking a sleeping pill to relax and fall asleep but honestly, I do not think that they made a huge difference on me. I did not sleep much different than if I did not take this.

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  1. Oh how I could use THAT product!!! I am in love with anything lemon flavored right now thanks to pregnancy taste buds AND could use help sleeping thanks to pregnancy oddballness. That sounds like a fabulous product. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Tried Dream Water and it did nothing to me. Just another gimmick product... I would not reccomend spending $3 on it.

  3. works great for me!!!

  4. Just drank a bottle....going to see how it works...
    I have a BAD panic disorder that requires me to take medication...I ran out and am un able to see my Dr. until tomorrow....I was feeling very panicky before drinking the sleep water..honestly....I already feel less panicky..and actually starting to feel sleepy...
    I will wait and see how it works....


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