July 18, 2010

NutraFiber Review

NutraFiber Flakes

I am big on getting a lot of fiber in your diet so when this bag of NutraFiber arrived at my doorstep for review, I was interested in seeing if this product was any good.  There are 13 calories is 1 tablespoon and 5 grams of fiber!! They are made from sugar beet flakes! How cool. You can add the flakes to most recipes as they are flavorless and just add a good dose of fiber.

NutraFiber Flakes Review

I first tried them in my smoothie and that did not work out well at all.  They did not blend up and there were flakes all throughout my smoothie.  Then, I tried them in my morning oatmeal and loved them! They blend in and I loved that I was getting so much extra fiber in my diet.  Most people should get around 26-30 grams of fiber per day and this is an easy way to get some additional fiber if you are not getting it in your diet.  I will be getting good use out of these flakes because I love to eat tons of fiber.  Thanks NutraFiber!

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