July 18, 2010

Secrets of a Skinny Chef Review

Yay! My first book review.  I was very happy when the company agreed to send me this cookbook for review! Secrets of a Skinny Chef is a book by Jennifer Iserloh and has an introduction by Joy Bauer who is a dietitian.  I love healthy recipes so I knew that I would love this book.  One thing that is really cool about the book is that the recipes use real foods to make it healthy instead of just a bunch of fake sugar and other fake foods. 

Some of my favorite recipes are:
-Mac and Cheese with shredded chicken and cauliflower
-Breaded zucchini with marinara dipping sauce
-Chicken marsala with mushrooms and broccoli
-Stuffed mushrooms with blue cheese

Here is where you can purchase this cookbook at Amazon for $13.59. Not bad at all! Thanks for sharing your amazing cookbook with me!

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  1. I love recipes that use whole foods but are still lighter and healthy. I wish they had this book at my library.

  2. Since you have a blog, you should write to the company and ask you review it! It would fit in well with your blog!


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