July 25, 2010

Izola Shower Curtain Review

I was very excited when Izola Shower agreed to send me a shower curtain for review because in one of our bathrooms, all we had was a shower liner and no curtain.  I chose the Chandelier shower curtain by Alexa Pulitzer.  When I got the curtain in the mail, I had my husband help me put it up right away.  It was very easy to put up and we love it.  It is great quality and I think it will last us a long time. I really like pattern of it because it is such a bold look.  My husband thinks that it looks elegant. The curtains are affordable starting at $24+.  The one that I chose costs $50. 

The company also makes other products such as bedding, place mats, shower liners and rings, etc.  Thank you very much Izola shower for the awesome trendy curtain!

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