July 24, 2010

Sunpower Natural Review

Sunpower Natural sent me some of their raw cookies and kale chips.  I was so excited to try the kale chips because tons of bloggers make them and when I tried to make them homemade, I failed.  I opened these "chips" right when I got them.  They are crispy and have a slightly sweet flavor.  I like them a lot.  They only have 76 calories per serving.

Look at these nutritional stats for the kale munchies "A one ounce serving of these delicious Kale Munchies provides 199% of the daily requirements for Vitamin A. which helps to prevent cancer, promotes lung health and prevents cell damage. In addition, Kale also is an excellent source of fiber, Vitamins C, E and K, Manganese, and Calcium."  Wow that's awesome!

I got to try the raw cookies in the fruit burst and chocolate chip flavors.  They kind of reminded my of a granola bar. I would rate these a 7 out of 10 because they were a little too sweet for my liking.  They are quite healthy though.  They are gluten free, organic, vegan, and raw. They have 112  calories for two of the fruit burst cookie and 139 for 2 of the chocolate chip cookies. 

Thank you Sunpower Natural for the yummy products!

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