August 21, 2010

Barlean's Fish Oil Review

Fish oil is a great supplement to take and I was thrilled to be sent some from Barlean's for review. This brand is very affordable too.  It only costs $10.99 for 100 capsules.  The company used the finest fish oils to make these capsules.  They are orange scented so you cannot taste the fish taste as much.

Many people do not eat enough fish in their diet to get enough omega 3 fatty acids and therefore, supplements are often a great way to go.  When I take these, I feel healthier already! The company also says that they give you some energy.  I think that these are great!

The company also sells flax, coconut oil, etc. that can be purchased on their website. Thanks Barlean's!!

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  1. Nice post!I also like that fish oil. Actually i am also using fish oil and as per that i like to say that it is really make good health of you.Thanks for this post.


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