September 13, 2010

Full Circle Home Review

Full Circle sent me some of their handy products for review.  I got to try the magnet kitchen towel, the glass cleaner, and the dish brush.  All of these products work great and I love them! They are all made from sustainable and renewable sources. 

I especially think that the glass cleaner is very handy because it fits perfectly into a wine class to clean it.  This is great because a lot of times, I cannot really fit my hand into the glass when washing it.  Also, the kitchen towel is very handy because it can stick right to your fridge.

Here is a little bit of information about the company and why they do what they do:
"In the US alone, if one scrub brush per household gets thrown out every year, that’s about 120 million brushes ending up in the garbage.

Yes, you read that correctly—120 million.

And most of them are plastic (petroleum-based plastic) which means it takes about 1000 years before they start to break down.

Yes, you also read that correctly—1000 years.

But what if there was a scrub brush made from sustainable, biodegradable materials? One that would eventually break back down into those same biodegradable materials? And what if it was made in a factory with great working conditions and higher environmental standards? And what if it was ergonomic, worked great, and looked terrific in your home?

Well, that’s pretty much the thinking behind Full Circle."

I love this concept and am happy to have gotten to try these products. You should try them! Thanks Full Circle.

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  1. Thanks for the review Amanda! Glad you liked the products and I hope your readers will as well!

    - Heather
    Full Circle

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    From PDX with Love

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