November 23, 2010

21st Birthday Weekend Continued

 My birthday started with the puppies cuddling/posing which always means that it's going to be a good day!


And then Ava dug me a hole outside for a birthday present (please note dirt on her snoot...haha)

The pups beat each other up...

Then it was time for dinner with the family at La Pinata (the most amazing Mexican restaurant located in Kalamazoo, MI).  

 The waiter brought me a free dessert : )

 Then, it was time for the bar ; )

 Troy and the birthday girl (note: I may not look very sober here)

 Mom and I 

 Yes! I'm  no longer a minor : )

We drove home and Troy found a cat... and decided to pick it up ?!?!

 And then Mom brought it crazy end to the evening.  The dogs started to go a little crazy so we took the cat back outside.

 The next morning, I felt great (considering...) and made some reduced fat cinnamon rolls.

 The table complete with birthday roses, cinnamon rolls, OJ, Crazy Camel Dessert Hummus, yogurt, turkey bacon, coffee, and my birthday "cake" AKA pecan pie.

My delicious pecan pie that Mom made for me : )

It was a great birthday and I am very lucky that my family could come visit and spend time with Troy and I. 

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  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday! 21 is a fun year. Your pups are adorable!! I'm going to have to remember La Pinata and stop by there next time I am home - I grew up in West Michigan!


  2. How fun! Happy birthday! Its so funny that you have a La Pinata. I thought it was just a local restaurant around my area in California. One of my favorite places to go. Glad you had a good birthday!

  3. Those cinnamon rolls look incredible! I didn't know you were in Kalamazoo - I used to live in Holland! :)


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