December 20, 2010

Ask the RD: Healthy Holiday Food Choices

I know that it probably seems nearly impossible to eat healthy around the holidays but this post is here to help you! These are some good food choices that are not too indulgent but still delicious!

This food option is low calorie and it will fill you up!

Tea such as this delicious Candy Cane Lane tea
Drink a cup of this for holiday flavor with no calories

Love eggnog?
Try this creamer in your coffee instead! You will still get the eggnog flavor without a ton of calories and fat.

While this is not super healthy for you, it is relatively low in calories compared to other desserts. Plus, you are getting many nutrients in the pumpkin.

I love this tart sauce.  It is low in calories and full of vitamins.  Also, it will help prevent a UTI!

while I'm sure that some people would fight me that this is bad for you because of the mayonnaise and the cholesterol in the yolk, I think that this is a good appetizer choice because it is high in protein and will fill you up quickly.

while these nuts are high in fat, they are okay eaten in moderation. Stick to a small handful

What are some of your favorite healthy Holiday foods?

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