February 03, 2011

Aylio Resistance Bands Review

Aylio is a company that sells all different resistance bands.  I was sent this complete resistance bands workout set which you can buy on Amazon for $49.99.  As soon as I got this package, my husband took it from me and will not give it back! It is a set of bands for all different fitness levels that has all different amounts of tension.

He is absolutely obsessed with it and uses the 100 lb tension and loves it.  He said that it is a really great workout that can work all parts of your body.  Troy took the book that came with it and bookmarked different sections for different days and is going to use this system 6 days a week.  He compared it to using a Bowflex but said it is much more cost effective and easy to use.  This is a favorite product is my household already! Thanks Aylio.

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  2. these look great! especially for travel, they will fit right into your suitcase!

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  4. I've used these type bands too. Very effective...lots of pros. We have lots of the same interests in wellness etc. You're invited to visit when you can. Sandra

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  7. I love the Aylio bands too!! I use them everyday

  8. Those seem awesome and the price is definitely good!

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  9. I have these there really good and I think the possibility's are endless, If you have a good imagination you can come up with lots of really effective workouts.


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