February 05, 2011

ONEHOPE Zinfandel Review

ONEHOPE is a company that is all about charity. They give a huge amount of the proceeds from their wine sales to all different causes. Some of the examples are to the troops, for autism, or to children's hospitals.  I chose to review the zinfandel wine which gives 50% of proceeds to the troops and to an organization called Snowball Express.  The organization supports families and children of fallen soldiers.  What a wonderful thing that ONEHOPE is doing.

Last night, Troy and I opened up our zinfandel and poured us each a glass.  The wine is dark red and very slightly sweet.  It was delicious. It had a lot of flavor and is 13.5% alcohol.  The bottle retails for $18.99.  Thanks ONEHOPE for donating so much money to charity and for providing me with a great bottle of wine.

Please note: Troy and I are both 21 or over.  We did not drive after consuming alcohol and drank responsibly.

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  1. I love buying products from companies that are doing good things. Thanks so much for sharing! I think I'll go pick some up today & give it a try tonight :)

  2. Hi thanks for following my blog. I am following you back. :)

  3. what a great cause! thank you for visiting me and now i know where to visit for product reviews and give aways! have a great day!


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