February 18, 2011

Deuce Brand Watch Review

Deuce Brand is a kind of watch that is affordable and versatile. It comes in many different colors (I chose the purple and black).  It also comes in pink which is for breast cancer. It also comes in many different sizes which I think is neat.  I have a small wrist and if the band was too big, it would just flop around my wrist.  Mine fits perfectly though!

The watches are only $20 each which is is great price.  These watch are designed to be used during sports and I am going to give my sister one who is a runner in high school.  Since I work in a kitchen, I cannot wear too crazy of jewelry so this is something nice that I can wear without getting myself into any trouble.
Thanks Deuce Brand!

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  1. That sounds cool. I love that it has different sizes of straps...

  2. those are pretty cute I might have to get one!

  3. I have seen these before. Very cute! I don't normally wear watches but during exercise this would be perfect to know the time.

  4. Thanks for following Just Wedeminute, I'm following you too!

  5. I love Duece Brand watches. I want every color!


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