February 19, 2011

Supersmile Review

Supersmile is a company that focuses on giving you a white and beautiful smile.  I was sent some tongue cleaning sticks, whitening toothpaste, and professional activating rods which are used to help tooth whitening.  These products are great! I used the tongue cleaning sticks this morning and they definitely help to get the plaque off.  They come in bright fun colors and are easy to use.  The products are semi-affordable.  They are not drugstore prices but they are cheaper than getting a professional whitening.

The toothpaste is great at whitening too. Typically, I use a whitening toothpaste but the last tube that I used was not.  I definitely noticed a change in the color of my teeth.  This product has helped to take some of the stains off (especially since my new coffee addiction!).  I have yet to try the activating rods but if I decide to get a whitening kit, I'm sure that they would help.

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