February 19, 2011

Eden Organic Review

When I first started blogging, I did another review for Eden Organic. I reviewed dried cherries and Sencha tea. Both were great so I knew that I wanted to review their products again.  This time around, I chose to review the kamut flakes and the tamari almonds which the company was kind to send me.

The tamari almonds are crunchy and salty tasting.  They are wonderful chopped on a salad with a bunch of veggies.  My husband usually hates nuts on a salad and said he loved these!! I was surprised how low the sodium content (only 65 mg/serving) was considering that they taste quite salty. The kamut flakes are similar to oatmeal.  I cooked it the same way and it tastes almost the same.  They are packed with protein (8 grams) and fiber (4 grams) which is very impressive.  These flakes are filling and delicious. I can't wait to try more Eden Organic products in the future!

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  1. I have a can of Eden organics garbanzo beans I am going to eat this week...and I've had their Kamut spirals pasta. That is interesting that the Kamut flakes tastes just like oatmeal because I definitely think the pasta has a distinctive flavor. I love Eden Organics too!

  2. following you through surf and relax sunday. i am really enjoying it this evening


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