February 19, 2011

Trudeau Mug Review

Trudeau is a company that makes all sorts of amazing kitchen products.  I chose the awesome travel mug to review.  It is called Vision and has a leak proof lid. This is honestly the nicest travel mug that I have ever seen.  It kept my coffee warm for 2 whole hours yesterday. This is due to double wall insulation. The cup holds 14 ounces of coffee which is perfect.

It is very sturdy and mine is a nice purple color.  My favorite feature of this mug is the "pop n sip" top.  You just press a silicone lid and it pops open.  This is a nice thing to use when driving so that you do not have to even look at the cup when you pop it open. Also, you can drink from any side of the cup, not just a little hole.

You must try this cup! I already got many compliments on it yesterday at work and will be using it most days of the week.

You can buy it off Amazon for only $12.57!!!!! Check it out.

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