February 19, 2011

Parisi Artisan Coffee Review

Parisi is a coffee for sophisticated coffee drinkers.  Unfortunately, I was sent whole coffee beans to review and do not have a grinder.  Therefore, I shared these with a couple co-workers.  One of them like lighter roast coffees and the other likes dark roast. This worked out perfectly and I gave them a bag each.

Pam, who likes dark roast loved the taste of the coffee.  She said that it was rich and strong, just the way that she likes it.  Michelle, who likes the lighter roast described this coffee as having a light chocolate taste.  They both really enjoyed the coffee. A bag of this coffee retails for around $9-12. 

The company produces "green" coffee and is always aimed at providing the best tasting coffee on earth! It is great from what my co-workers have told me! Thanks Parisi Coffee!

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  1. Hi,

    I'm following from the Relax & Surf Sunday hop. I love coffee. And I like that it's "green". Thanks for sharing.


  2. I LOVE coffee. I just got a kuerig. Sooo much fun ;)

    Awesome blog.

  3. Hi - following back from The Kid Can Cook! Looking forward to reading more - love to learn about new food and products!

  4. Out on the Sunday blog hop. Just became your newest follower. Great information. Hope you get a chance to hop in on me.

  5. Hi! Found you on the blog hop. I'm going to break down and buy a coffee grinder soon. I got tons of coffee for christmas, but most of it was whole bean!


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