February 25, 2011

Great River Organic Milling Review

I had never heard of Great River Organic Milling until I received an email asking if I would like to try it. Of course I said yes and was sent a super heavy box of some different products.  I was sent pure organic maple syrup, 7 grain bread flour, unbleached wheat flour, 5 grain pancake mix, and whole grain hot cereal.  

I have not tried the flours yet but I plan to make chocolate chip cookies with them using some cacao nibs that I recently received.  The pancake mix is great! I used it to make a baked pancake with apple pie filling for my family.  They really enjoyed it!  Also, the maple syrup is really great quality syrup and is grade A dark amber.  Of course I love that these products are organic and high quality.  I would definitely try these products again in the future!

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  2. I love organic products and especially grains (which I soak no matter what) so I am so glad you gave me another source!

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