June 02, 2011

A Little Clarification

Last March, I started this blog as a couponing blog that was meant to help you get deals and save money. I also included nutrition tips and recipes.  As time grew on, it turned into a review/giveaway blog with recipes and photos of my life. 
When I review a product, I give my opinion as a nutritionist (I have my bachelor's degree in dietetics but am not a registered dietitian yet) and as a REAL person.  Just because I have my degree in nutrition does not mean that I do not eat ice cream, chips, candy, etc.  I typically eat quite healthy but that does not mean that I do so 100% of the time.

Last week, I received a very rude and hurtful comment saying that they could not believe that a nutritionist would "endorse" a product that is not healthy and called me many mean names.  When I write a review, it is simply my own opinion on a product. When you read my blog, I want you to see what my opinion is and make your own opinion for yourself.  I do not endorse the product that I am writing about but simply giving nutrition facts and telling you if I liked the product or not. 

When I become a dietitian, I will be recommending products to clients and will think more carefully about the ingredients, nutrition fats, fat content, etc. But for now, I will continue to review products that I like (or don't) and will give you my honest opinion about them. For further information, you can ask your doctor or a registered dietitian about their opinion of the product that is in question.

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  1. I'm so sorry someone was rude to you! I love your reviews and say keep on eating (and recommending if you want to) ice cream and chips and so on. People take these blogs so seriously :-/

  2. I love your blog and think you do bring a good mix of healthful and not so healthy items. You don't imply that every person must go out and get this product, you just state your own opinion. Keep up the good work! :) Don't listen to the negative comments, so many people are avid followers of your blog!

  3. Don't listen to the negative comments. This is obviously a person with no life if they are going to scrutinize your blog so carefully. I (as well as, I'm sure, many others) think that your blog is great. Thank you for your honesty about the things you eat (healthy and otherwise). I am a registered nurse and I've seen diet restricted patients do MUCH better with a realistic diet (they stick to it much better).And, yes, I do realize some folks need a highly restricted diet-this is different. Most of us out there don't want new tofu and seaweed recipes. We are real people who want to eat healthfully to remain/get to optimal health. Thank-you for the wonderful blogging and keep up the GREAT work!

  4. That really is terrible that a person would call you names. While it is their opinion it is just downright nasty to call you nasty names. I enjoy your your reviews and tips. Don't listen to that negativity. We are all human and we are all not perfect. At some point in time we all make mistakes ncluding that name caller

  5. What a horrid thing for someone to do. I wouldn't worry it was probably sent by someone with far too much time on their hands. Keep up the good work, I like reading your blog

  6. You Go Doodie. :) Well said.

  7. Good for you! That's what reviews are all about-YOUR personal opinion about the item in question. If someone has an issue, it's their problem, not yours. You do the best you can and that's all anyone can ever ask for :)

  8. That stinks!! Our blogs are our platforms to say what we wish. We are not doctors or coaches, though I play one on tv J/K :)

    I agree that a well balanced life means enjoying the occassional splurge too!

  9. Hi Amanda! I found you through the blog hop & I'm your newest follower! I really like your site, I think it has a lot of healthy living tips that are very helpful & useful in my own life. I'm really looking forward to following you! Also, I have to say, don't let the haters get to you. There are always going to be nasty, hurtful people who think that the anonymity of the internet gives them license to be cruel. You're doing a really great job! Please swing by my blog when you have a chance! If you have a twitter, I'd love to be friends there as well! ;) www.shelbylately.com & @shelbylatelycom

  10. I would much rather someone give an honest opinion and have balanced views. Sometimes when you read blogs that are so unachievable it makes you not even want to try. I'm much more likely to want to try to eat as healthy as possible if I don't have to toss out some of the good (but not so good for you)stuff. You have a great blog. Ignore the other stuff.

    Following along...

  11. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog with Saturday blog hops. Sorry to be so late visiting you back. The thing is that I just check in my spams before cancelled them, and I found some comments there and your was in the middle.

    Well I'am discovering your blog and this article is helpful because you clarify things for everyone. You've done it right.

    I didn't publish new article since saturday, I'm working on growing my facebook page fans, but I'll be back to read you on the blog.

    Will share some love on your facebook page. Hope to see you around there.



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