July 02, 2011

CafePress Review

CafePress is a company that I fell in love with about a year ago when I reviewed one of their nutritionist t-shirts.  It fit perfectly and was great quality so I emailed the company again to see if I could do another review on their products.  The company agreed and sent me the two shirts seen in this post. CafePress also sells custom t-shirts, personalized gifts, custom thermoses, and posters.

One thing that really impressed me about CafePress is that they have SO many different styles of shirts.  For example, I wanted some dietitian t-shirts since I will be one soon enough and there were hundreds of options to choose from! That is unheard of! I chose the clinical dietitian shirt and the "nutrition matters to every body" shirt and love them both.  They are very soft and are fitted.
Another thing that I wanted to mention is how nice this company is to work with.  The first products I was sent I was not too happy with and the company was very happy to work with me and sent me new products which I love. Thanks CafePress for working with me and being so understanding!

***The company sent me a 20% coupon code to share with all of my readers: FHG8GU4KZ775 

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  1. Oh wow, those shirts are TOTALLY you! I've definitely heard great things about this company :)


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