July 01, 2011

Clifton's Flower and Garden Center Review

 Some background information on grapes in my family is that my Dad planted his own vineyard a few years ago to make his own wine. My parents have made wine for years and decided that they wanted to grow their own grapes.

When Clifton's Flower and Garden Center agreed to send me some of their plants, I knew that my dad would love to get some new grape plants so I let him choose some. He chose two catawba grape plants.  The company sent them quickly to his house and they arrived looking very nice. My dad was very impressed that they came with all of these grapes on them. This is not usually the way that grape plants come.  Also, he just added them to his vineyard so we will see how they turn out!
The company sells all kinds of neat plants and trees including avocado trees, citrus trees, vines, berry plants, etc.  They will ship them to your home and come quickly. The plants are very healthy looking and affordable! I can't wait to see how my dads grapes turn out and I would definitely look into this company once my husband and I move to buy trees and plants. Thanks Clifton's Flower and Garden Center!

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  1. I have read several reviews of the place. I am convinced that they are a local tourist spot.


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