July 23, 2011

Michigan Farm Fresh Produce

My dad has some wonderful fruit trees on the farm which I've blogged about before and I wanted to show you how it's coming along this year.
 Grapes in the vineyard

 Peach tree
 Should be ready in a few weeks!

 Sour cherries

 Corn field
Have you grown anything this year? 
If not, what summer fruits or vegetables are you enjoying?

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  1. WOW! Those cherries are INCREDIBLE! I have never seen a real cherry tree before! And you are so cute!


  2. grapes and peaches..two of my fav fruits..and i love cherries too but sweet cherries...altho id probably like sour cherries too if i tried them!

    you look AWESOME in your bikini girl!! <3

    i have figs growing right now..and cherries- altho the crows get them all before i do :(


  3. YUM! The fruit looks delicious!

  4. Your father is the apple of my eye !
    What a great field of the best in the world in my eyes !

    I adore fruit more than anything else in the world ! Everythin fruit for me !You are so lucky. Let us know if it is consumed by just your family or is it a business ... Looks like quit a bite !


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