July 24, 2011

Power of Fruit Bars Review

Last year, I fell in love with Power of Fruit bars when I was sent them for review on my blog. Recently, I went on the website and saw two new to me flavors and I knew I must try them.  The company sent me a case of these Power of Fruit bars and I got right down to trying them. The bars are made of just fruit which I love.

My favorite flavor is the BananaBerry.  It tastes mostly like fresh strawberries with a hint of fresh bananas. I also really like the CherryBerry bars which taste sweet. Besides the fresh and wonderful flavor of these bars, I love that they are extremely low in calories.  Each one pretty much has between 25 and 35. The bars have no preservatives, corn syrup, or additives.  If your grocery store carries these bars, you must try them!

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