September 20, 2011

Harvest of Heaven Veggies Chips Review

Harvest of Heaven is a brand that makes all kinds of veggie and fruit chips. For my review, I was sent the mixed veggies, pineapple (unpictured), carrots, sweet potato, shiitake mushroom, apple, taro, green bean, and mixed fruit chips.

Right when I received the package, I opened up the pineapple ones and loved them.  I am not usually a fan of plain freeze dried fruit but loved these because they were make with a little oil and salt. They were delicious.  I also love the mixed veggies. They literally have whole pieces of okra in there! My favorite in the veggie mix is the green beans which are slightly sweet and very crunchy. They are quite low in calories at around 84-142 calories depending in the kind of chips you have.
Harvest of Heaven's chips are all natural and are dehydrated fruits and vegetables. They are made with the fruit or vegetable, canola oil, glucose, and salt. They are a pretty good alternative to regular potato chips. Try them today! There are tons of fun and delicious varieties to choose from.

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  1. We love the dried veggies but have a hard time finding them in the store.


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