September 21, 2011

Musselman's Orchard Trip Part 2

Last week, I started to tell you about my amazing trip to Musselman's orchards. Here are some more details about the great trip.

Above is a picture of all of us bloggers who were invited on the trip. Haley, Cissy, Kelly, Jen, Renee, Heather, me, Sammi, and Amie.

We were taken to the solar panels that Musselman's uses. I believe that they told us that they get 30% of their energy from these.

The apples growing on the trees
Musselman's is very environmentally friendly which was awesome to hear. They really use all of the apple and try not to let a lot go to waste. More information about this later but the little apples that cannot be peeled due to size are juiced. I loved learning that they do not waste the apples!

We were talked to by the grower of the apples about the growing practices. It was very interesting learning about this. They grow 100s of varieties of different apples. I also learned that they have a Musselman's plant in Paw Paw, MI which is only about 30 minutes from my house!!

**All of Musselman's apples are grown in the US

Our amazing lunch setup

A mix of various sandwich wraps, salad, and pasta salad.

Cannolis, lemon cheesecake, lemon bars, and cookies

After lunch, we were taken to the factory where the applesauce is made. Pictures were not allowed in the factory but Helene from Musselman's staff took pictures and will send them to us. After the factory, we were taken to a tasting place where we could sample the Musselman's products and the Lucky Leaf pie fillings. 

My favorite Musselman's products are the Healthy Picks applesauces seen above.

Lucky Leaf pie fillings

All of the amazing products

We then went back to the hotel where we had some time to relax. Then, we met for dinner at Dobbin's Tavern in Gettysburg. The tables were set up so nicely. We were served fresh breads with Musselman's apple butter and Musselman's apple cider. We ordered drinks (I chose a glass of riesling) and ate our salads. The blue cheese dressing was amazing with fresh chunks of blue cheese.

 Me, Heather, and Sammi

We were each given a cute apple pin and a hand blown glass apple. Honestly, we were all treated like queens on this trip and I cannot thank Musselman's enough. I ordered the vegetable pasta which was excellent. To end the evening, we were served apple pie with Musselman's apples. It was a great day and I learned so much about Musselmans. 

**This trip was sponsored by Musselman's Applesauce but all opinions are my own.

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  1. These pics are awesome. Very nice photography, and it looks like a fun day!
    New follower from the Thirsty Thursday blog hop! Please follow back. Thanks! :)

  2. awesome that they use solar panels! As a green blogger myself I always try to find companies that are trying to go green!

    following along from the Thursday blog hop! Hope you get a chance to visit and follow back!


  3. It makes a huge difference to me seeing that their apples really look natural. Not waxy and huge. I can see why they would bring you to their orchard because it does make a difference in my purchase preference knowing that they use solar panels and make a tasty product from such good-looking fruit! Thanks for sharing this trip! Allison

  4. Yayyy it was so much fun! Miss you guys! And those chocolate brownie cookies!

  5. Oh, wow! That's so incredible Amanda-what an experience! All this talk of yummy apples and food is making me hungry xD


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