November 30, 2011

Dachshund Skin Problems...Please Help!

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Dachshund Skin Problems Pictures

***To find out what happened to my sweet Ava, click here for the update.

Dachshund Skin Problems

I am coming to all of you needing some help. My 2 year old dachshund Ava has gotten the skin condition over the last year or so and I can't take it anymore. I have been to the vet 3 times (3 different vets) and no one knows what it is. Literally, the vet opened his vet book and searched for 20 minutes right in front of me searching for something.

Dachshund Skin Issues

-About a year ago, she went bald on her chest.
-About 6 months ago, little tiny flat dots started showing up on her chest. They are flat and do not itch or hurt her.
-In the last six months, they have grown pretty rapidly as seen in the picture above. Prior to the last year, she never had any black on her chest.
-In the last month, I have noticed that my other dachshund has started to get tiny dots on his chest. He only has about 15 right now. I don't know if they are contagious or not but it seems like it may be since my other dog is getting it too.
-I have found diseases such as Cushings Disease or Alopecia X but they seem to be more of a blackening of the skin than actual dots or spots.
-Last night, after searching the internet, I found this skin condition called lentigo that seemed to make sense for my dog. I have done extensive research trying to find out what this is with no help.

Update 2/11/16.   Ava is 6 and perfectly healthy! Her skin is sensitive but looks normal.

Update 1/25/19. Ava has had skin issues her whole life (balding, inflammation when she goes outside, itchiness) but has lived a healthy life otherwise! She is 9 years old now.

Do you have any ideas what this could be?
I love my dog so much and want to help her in any way that I can! If you know a vet or anyone who's dog had something similar, please let me know.

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  1. I know this doesn't help diagnose it, but my parents have had several Dachshunds and I don't remember any of them getting this. I hope you can find out what it is! I know how it feels to know your dog has something wrong, but you can't help.

  2. My standard poodle strted itching all over and would rip out his hair. I looked stuff up and found dogs should not eat grains and even potato starch because they can't digest it. They should eat raw meaty bones. We give our dogs raw frozen food they sell and I cut up meat or even cook meat-a variety of all those things. He even does well on hard boiled eggs.
    Grains, even gluten free, cause problems for humans also. Dr. Mercola and The Healthy Home Economist are good places for answers.
    Good luck.

  3. I wrote up this long answer but my internet connection got messed up. Ughh :( im so sorry you have to see your baby like this. I know exactly how you feel. My dog has demodex which is this thing where all the mites eat at the skin amd cause all these red spots all over the body and are very itchy :( shes been having to suffer with that ever since she was a puppy. We have to give her medicine using a syringe everyday and poor thing hates it. It hurts me so much to have to do that but its for her own good. Anyway i was looking up what your dog has on google and it said its most probably a fungus or an allergic reaction. I found an article that i think would help

    Im sorry i couldnt be more help. I hope you find out whats wrong with your baby soon and good luck :)

  4. As to cause, perhaps something chemical in your home that she is allergic to? Maybe carpet fresh or some sort of chemical in the carpet?

    As to treatment mom had a dog that started losing hair with no apparent cause and nothing the vet could identify as the cause. She was in no obvious distress (itching or anything like that) but it was very unsightly. Someone told my mom to use tea tree oil and rub it in her skin every day. After a very short period of time after starting the tea tree oil the hair started growing back (a week or two), mama kept rubbing it into her skin everyday and sure enough, the hair grew back to a normal coat.

    She never did find out what had caused the hair loss (her vet was at a loss also) but from personal experience, that tea tree oil is some miraculous stuff. I use it also on my skin, especially in the winter, and small cuts and scrapes (or dry skin patches) just clear right up. It's very therapeutic.

    You can get it at any health food store. I really hope this helps.

    (It's not oily, you can get it in a lotion.)

  5. My dog has something similar. Based on a book I read about the uses of Calcium Bentonite Clay, I am making a paste of it and using on these sores. There are no chemicals involved and it draws out toxins. You may want to consider what's in your dog food. The person that said something about grain allergies was right.

    Check this out:

    My dog is no longer scratching, but I just started it, so I can't give you more on results. Feel free to e-mail if you have any questions.

    I hope she's better soon!

  6. Sent this question over to a friend of mine who is both a Naturopathic Doctor as well as a Doxy owner. Will see if she has any answers for you.

  7. It may be a fungal infection--my mom has a long-haired dachshund who gets wet on his chest and belly outside in the dewy grass and his fungal infection started from there. I suggest taking your dog to an animal dermatologist rather than regular vets. Also, be sure to dry her off very well every time she comes inside.

  8. Amanda - here is Martha's response: Barney has something similar. We were told it was male pattern baldness (Alopecia) treatment, not dangerous. He also has a lot of fatty tumors. Again, we were told it's not dangerous so not to treat. It's genetic.

    Hope that puts your mind at rest. Hugs!

  9. I have a red mini doxie, female, and she might have the same condition. She has the same spots on her tummy. It progressed to bald spots everywhere and the spots are scaly, most of the hair has fallen off her tail. (Started when she was about 6 and she is 9 now) It's awful and we don't know what it is. I've taken her to the vet a few times with no resolve. She is on prescription food, the most hypoallergenic out there and she gets no treats. I have kids and I suspect that maybe a wheat allergy was what started it, but even on this special food it hasn't gotten better. We also tried adding Salmon oil to her food and that didn't help. I did find a Vet that specializes in allergies, but their evaluation costs $500 and that doesn't include treatment. It's a shame they charge so much. I'm just trying to feed her the best food and keep her away from the kids' food. Let me know if you find a cure!!! Oh and I have another mini doxie, dapple, and she has no signs of the same condition. I don't think it's contagious, but maybe doxies are susceptible to this skin disease???

  10. Hi there.

    I did a quick search, and I think I have a name for you to look up as a possible diagnosis - "acanthosis nigricans". If you see on this link ( - this Doxie has the same visual symptoms as your pooch. I did a little scanning on "acanthosis nigricans" and I think maybe your dog shows some of the same symptoms.

    Are your 2 dogs related? Because I found all of this searching 'genetic skin conditions Dachshunds' and it seems that "acanthosis nigricans" tends to affect this breed of dog.

    Hope this helps - good luck!

  11. I have a dachshund who is having skin issues under her right arm. Have been dealing with it for about 5 months. My heart goes out to you. I have 2 of them one 8 lb and one 15 lb and they are like my babies. To get to the point. I am having a skin biopsy done which helps detect what is causing the issue. To see a dog dermatologist would for sure maybe help. Best of luck to you. God be with you and your 4 legged friends. I hope for a speedy recovery.
    Best wishes! North Carolina


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