December 01, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Kitchen Products

Are you looking for a gift to give for the cook in your life? What about for someone who likes to entertain? Well, I have found some great gifts that may work for those people. Check out the three products below.

1. Dolma Tablecloth
Dolma is a company that sells fair trade and handmade items. These items include stationary, scarves, handbags, and table linens. For my review, I was sent a Dolma tablecloth in rust vine. It is perfect for the holidays and has vines, pinetrees, partridges and foliage on it. You can tell that the tablecloth is very well made! The tablecloth retails for $64.00 and comes in different sizes.

Want to learn more about Dolma? Here is some information about their company: Dolma is a socially responsible company that specializes in fair trade personal accessories and home d├ęcor handmade by economically disadvantaged communities in India. In addition to abiding by fair trade principles of fair wages, women’s empowerment and environmental responsibility, we donate 15% of our profits to schools for children in need. We are a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.

Besides the tablecloths, they also have these beautiful Harvest placemats for sale. If I were to choose another item, it would definitely be that. Dolma products would make a great Christmas gift for the people in your life who care about the environment. Consider buying a handbag or scarf for the fashionista in your life. Check out Dolma this holiday season!

2. Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker
Aeropress is a tool that makes coffee and espresso.  It is very fast to make coffee and you don't need a coffee maker. Since I like my coffee fairly weak, I add a bunch of water to it but for those people who love strong coffee, this is perfect for you!

The company sent me a little bit of information about brewing the coffee: The AeroPress makes espresso-strength coffee (so essentially it pulls shots). Then you can take it from there, adding water for an Americano or hot milk for a latte. AeroPress coffee lacks the bitterness and high acidity found in coffee brewed by traditional, press or drip processes. It can make 1-4 shots or cups of coffee at a time which makes it a great tool for home cooks and bakers.

The coffee tasted great that I made! I would recommend giving this as a Christmas gift to the person in your life who loves coffee. Especially if they love rich coffee, this would be perfect.  If you want to know where you can buy the Aeropress, check out the list of retailers for more information.

3. Epicurean Eco Plastic Cutting Board 
I love to cook and often prepare meals for just 1.  I have having to drag out a huge cutting board and these small Eco Plastic cutting boards are perfect for chopping some veggies for a salad or something else. I was sent a 12 X 9 cutting board in green to review. The cost for a cutting board is $19.99. They are also made in large sizes too. The boards are made from post consumer recycled poly.  

I love the bright green color of the boards and know that I will get tons of use out of these. Also, this would make a great gift for someone who loves to cook, likes fun colors, and who is concerned about the environment.  I love that they are affordable too. The company also sells other products that would make good gift such as all different types of utensils.

What kitchen products are you buying for people this holiday season?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the Ozeri double-wall glasses that I won in the giveaway from you, so I will be ordering more of those for presents! Thanks!!

  2. I love Epicurean cutting boards. I have a medium one and asked for a bigger one for Christmas. I am excited that they have the Eco Plastic Cutting Board. I am adding it to my Amazon Wish List right now!


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