December 13, 2011

Cake Pop Creations Review

Cake Pop Creations are a product that are gaining popularity. You can find different cake pops in magazines and trending all over. I had not tried any yet and was interested in doing so.  Cake Pop Creations sells all different kinds of cakes, designs, colors, etc. They have cake pops for all different occasions and holidays.

For my review, I had some Cake Pop Creations sent for my brother for his birthday. My whole family loves carrot cake so I chose those ones for him to try. When he received the package, he called me and asked if I had sent them because he didn't know who they were from. He thought that someone was trying to scam him (haha). He was very happily surprised with his cake pops. His favorite color is green so I chose these orange and green pops.

We both really liked the pops.  They are small and fun to eat as a small treat. Since they are so mini, you can have one and not have to worry about having eaten 100s of calories like most desserts are. The cake is very dense and chewy. It had a similar texture to a brownie which I really liked since I don't like the fluffiness of cake. My brother really liked them too! The Cake Pop Creations were a surprise and a big success!

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  1. How cute, I'd love to try these out. I'm a new fan of cake pops. they really are the best dessert.



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