December 12, 2011

Sheex Travel Pillow Review

I have read about Sheex before and was dying to try out of of their products. They make very high quality bed sheets and duvet covers.  For my review, I was sent a mini travel pillow. As many of you may know, I live on the west side of the state in Michigan and my family lives on the complete east side. This is about 3 1/2 hours away which of course, results in a lot of driving. When my husband drives, I sometimes like to take a nap and this pillow is perfect for that. 

To show you how great Sheex products are and how they are different from other products, read the features of Sheex products below:-Temperature Control
-Transfers body heat 2X better than traditional bedding for cooler, deeper sleep
-Moisture Transport
-Wicking properties keep you dry and comfortable
-Breathes nearly 50% better than cotton
-Precision Fit
-Flexible microfibers for a perfect fit
-Superior Feel
-Ridiculously soft and luxurious to the touch for unrivaled comfort
-Advanced fade, wrinkle and shrink resistance so your pillow will feel and look great longer

My favorite feature about this product is the feel of the material. The Sheex on the pillow is so soft and stretchy. I love it! I chose a nice blue color which is relaxing. It is very comfortable and I can't wait to be able to take a little nap on it when we are driving one day soon.  I would love to try an actual sheet set from Sheex and will maybe purchase one one day. For now, I will keep dreaming! For an unbelievable quality product, you definitely should try Sheex.

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  1. I would recommend that travel pillow. It is a dream to lay your head on. I love it and I have it.


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