March 06, 2012

Primal Spirit Foods Review

Primal Spirit Foods is a company that makes meat vegan jerky.  I had seen it on another blog and wanted to try it out.  Since I was going on my internship spring break a couple days after I got the package, I decided to bring some home to share with my family.

I had my brother and dad sample these.  They both really liked them! My dad liked the flavor and thought that the texture was comparable to real meat.  My brother thought the same.  This is a big compliment coming from two hunters! I was not sure that they would like it but really did.  I liked it too.  My favorite flavor was the thai peanut. It is a delicious snack that could be eaten by vegetarians or non-vegetarians.  The texture is pretty dry (in a good way) like traditional jerky.

These come in different flavors including Texas BBQ, hickory smoked, teriyaki, hot & spicy, etc. They are made with soy, seitan, or shitake mushroom.  They have about 70-110 calories and are full of protein (6-10 grams). This is a great option for someone who wants a snack but does not want a lot of calories.  The protein helps to keep you full also.  I would definitely recommend these in dietetic counseling to patients wanting to lose weight who want to stay full.

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