March 05, 2012

RW Garcia Review

RW Garcia is a company that sells tortilla chips and gluten free crackers. I love chips and salsa or guacamole and was interested in trying these chips. I was sent a big box of different kinds of these chips to try. They use organic corn and have no trans fats.

This weekend, my family and I went up north to my family's farm.  We love to snack so I brought a couple bags of these chips for us.  I brought the curry & mango dipping chips and the Mixtbag of red and yellow corn chips.  We tried the curry & mango dipping chips plain.  They were pretty good and had a strong curry flavor.  I think that they would be good with a simple hummus.

The Mixtbag was excellent! We had those plain and with some salsa.  They are quite a bit thicker than most other tortilla chips that I've tried.  This is great if you have a thick dip and need a sturdy chip. They were salty but not too salty. I think they may be my favorite tortilla chip! My dad thought that they had a good corn flavor and loved the thickness. My husband loved them too. 

A serving size is 15 chips which is pretty good for tortilla chips.  One serving contains 140 calories, 50 mg sodium, 2 grams of fiber, and 2 grams protein.  The sodium is much lower than any other chip I have had which is amazing. I would definitely recommend these chips!

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