June 30, 2012

Cool Gear Review

I am a big water water drinker and when I found Cool Gear last year, I knew that they would be a company that I really wanted to try out. Last year, I reviewed a big coffee travel mug which I usually use for tea and a salad cooler which has different compartments to keep your salad ingredients separated and cool.  I enjoyed both of these products and decided to contact the company again to do another review.

This time, I chose the 64 ounce Cove water bottle and the 24 ounce Chiller. The Cove water bottle is shatter resistant, BPA free, dishwasher safe, and has a freezer stick in it to keep drinks cold. The Chiller is really neat and has a band on it so that your hand does not get too cold. I really like both of these and think it is neat that they come in different fun colors.
On these super hot days, it is so important to stay hydrated and Cool Gear helps to keep your beverages cold as well as having stylish products to do so.  The products are very affordable. Both of these large bottles retail for $10.99. I love a good deal and a well made product and I get both with these products.

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