July 01, 2012

Core Bamboo Review

Core Bamboo is a company that sells all things bamboo. They have entertainment items, utensils, home decor, cutting boards, etc. I first reviewed a product from this company last year which was the green tray seen below. We love this tray and use it when we have company over to our new house. My husband loves to make margaritas and then serve them off of this tray. It is well made and still in perfect shape 1 year later!
This time, I wanted another entertaining item since it seems like my husband and I have been able to do more and more entertaining since our big move. I chose the Revolving 5 part Entertainment Set.  This retails for $40 and seems to be nice quality.  I am very excited to use it for when we have guests. Here are some of the options that I am thinking of filling it with:
             -Tortilla chips, guacamole, different salsas
             -Vegetables and dip
             -Hummus, pita chips, carrots
             -Sweet fondue, fruit, pretzels

The possibilities of what I will use this for are endless and I can't wait to think of more ideas. I love that it is a crisp and clean white color because it will really let the food stand out with it's bright and vibrant colors. It is neat that it revolves also because then at a table, you can turn it around to get the snack that you want. Check out Core Bamboo for all different types of bamboo products that will make your next dinner part spectacular.

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