July 02, 2012

We Love Colors Review

I first became a fan of We Love Colors last year when I was sent a sports bra and tights to review. We Love Colors is a company that sells many bright colored and tie-dyed clothing and and accessories. This time for my review, I chose a pair of tie-dyed shorts and a tie-dyed sports bra.

When it comes to workout clothes, I like to choose something fun to wear. I figure if you have an outfit that you want to wear, then you are more likely to workout, right? These items that I was sent from We Love Colors does not disappoint. The shorts are super comfortable and were great for a bike ride and also a 3 mile walk.
The sports bra is great too! I chose a red, yellow, and pink tie-dye color which is great. The products are all affordable and come in all different colors and tie-dye combinations. The company sells sports bras, tights, dresses, shorts, socks, gloves, etc. There are tons of options for anyone who loves tie-dyed stuff to choose from.

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  1. This stuff is so cool! I looked up the website, and the active wear is so affordable! I decided if I successfully complete my summer workout plan then I'm going to treat myself to some tie dye boy shorts :)

  2. I've noticed their products around and I really do love them! :)
    That sports bra is SUPER cute, although I don't know if I could pull off the red, yellow and pink. Lol


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