June 05, 2012

Journey Gym Review

When I first found Journey Gym, to be honest I did not know exactly how it worked. It seemed like a neat concept but until I got in in the mail, I did not read all about it. Once I started to read about how to put it together and how to work out, I realized that it was really awesome! The kit can be put together in probably less than a minute and has resistance bands for all different fitness levels.
When the package came in the mail, my husband took it right away to try out. He was amazed how this Journey Gym works. It is extremely portable and can be taken on vacation, to work, home, wherever!  My husband really likes it.  He stores it in our basement and runs down there when he wants to do a quick workout. He likes how easy it is to assemble and also to put away. There are different resistance bands for different strengths which is great since he would need it to be harder to pull than I would. I like that the Journey Gym goes on small legs to raise it up and would even use it as a mini step for exercises. I like that you can use it for cardio as well as resistance training. The resistance can be as little as 5 lbs and as much as 75 lbs.
Here is some information about the Journey Gym: The journey gym is a complete, lightweight, compact and durable universal gym. It is efficient in giving users a total body workout and will allow anyone to use it as their primary source of resistence, cardiovascular, and circuit training. 

This product makes it really easy to workout quickly. I really like it!  For more information about the Journey Gym check them out online.

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