July 19, 2012

Core Power Review and Giveaway

My husband loves to try new to us protein drinks and this was no exception. I was sent some Core Power high protein recovery drinks to try out and review. The flavors include vanilla, chocolate, honey, and strawberry banana.

The first one that I tried was the vanilla. I mixed half of one bottle in with my smoothie. It was tasty! No chalky or overly sweet flavor.  This 1/2 of a bottle added 13 grams of protein to my smoothie which helped to keep my full throughout the morning.  It is 240 calories, 26 grams of protein, and has 70% of your daily calcium!!
My husband took the strawberry banana one for in between his summer classes. He really liked it. He said that it was pretty sweet but not chalky or weird at all. This was one of the light varieties and has 150 calories, 20 grams of protein, and 50% of your daily calcium.

I am impressed with the amount of calcium in these shakes. It is like drinking over 2 glasses of milk plus you get a ton of filling protein. To help keep you full and add extra protein to your diet, I would recommend these Core Power shakes.

The giveaway will be for one case of any flavor of Core Power protein shakes to one reader.
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  1. I LOVE these drinks! I sampled on in Boston and haven't been able to find them since!

  2. Great to hear you had an opportunity to try Core Power in Boston! You can check our website for store locations near you at http://www.corepower.com/ We update it constantly, so check back if your retailer is not yet listed. -CP

  3. I'd try Chocolate 20g :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  4. This is so good for those middleaged giveouts. We need CorePower to kick up going and keep up the pace. Thanks SW//raymondw345@Aol.com

  5. awesomeness and owns every single protean shakes in taste out there by far! I drank samples in Spartan Sprint Rake in NY and trying to find a retailer to buy it in the Bronx NY. Please add 26 of Banana + Stawebery


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