July 18, 2012

Country Gourmet Review

Country Gourmet is a company that sells all different types of food mixes, jams, dip mixes, soup mixes, and much more.  I was recently sent some unique products of theirs to try including peach butter, no sugar added raspberry spread, low sugar sun dried tomato parmesan beer bread, and Daddy's bean dip mix.

The products that I was most excited to try were definitely the fruit spreads. I am a huge fan of any kind of fruit, especially peaches and raspberries. The raspberry spread is awesome. It is very fresh tasting and even though it is no sugar added, is plenty sweet. This tastes amazing on whole wheat bread with peanut butter. Also, I have been stirring it into my oatmeal which is another favorite.

The peach butter is pretty good too. I was expecting more of a fresh peach taste but it takes like cinnamon and other spices. It tastes similar to apple butter. This one is great on toast as well.
Finally, I made the loaf of beer bread which turned out great. Beer bread is one of my favorite types of breads anyway and when I saw this unique kind, I had to try it.  You can really taste the sun dried tomato and Parmesan. The loaf baked up nicely and was soft and dense.

Something else to note is that the company has good customer service. I had an issue with the first package that I was sent and they quickly fixed it and was kind about it. For unique mixes and country products, check out Country Gourmet.

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