July 17, 2012

Yogi Tea Review

Yogi Tea Review

Did you know that dogs love tea? I'm guessing not. I have quite a funny story for you. So recently, I was sent a package of Yogi teas to try.  I had them laying out on a high table. One day I was in a different room and I hear rustling around. I go into my red room and see 4 boxes of tea bags strewn all over the room.  My terrible dachshunds took all of the bags out of the packages. I tried to be mad but honestly just laughed. At least they did not eat the tea leaves!

Yogi Tea Women's Energy

Anyways, I was sent 6 boxes to try: green tea kombucha decaf, soothing caramel bedtime, ginger, raspberry passion perfect energy, women's energy, and green tea blueberry slim life.  The women's energy was flavorful! Lately I have a new strategy when reviewing products. I try the one that I think that I will like the least first. In this case, it was the ginger. Typically, I am not a ginger fan but decided to give this tea a chance. 

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Yogi Ginger Tea

I was going up to my parent's farm and decided to bring a few bags to try for my brother and I. My brother and I are the biggest tea connoisseurs. We love to try all different kinds-especially the funky ones! We both really enjoyed the ginger. I'm so glad that the company sent it to me because I would not have tried it otherwise. My brother described it as having a spicy taste and I agreed. It was very good and could help settle an upset stomach.

Yogi Perfect Energy

The next tea that I tried was the raspberry passion perfect energy. This one was not either of our favorites. We thought that it was a bit weak and did not have enough flavor. Maybe if we brewed it longer it would have been better. Also, he did not notice any extra energy from drinking it. Something to note is that this has almost double the caffeine as many teas and is more similar to the caffeine content of coffee.

Best Yogi Tea 

My all-time favorite Yogi tea is the green tea kombucha.  I tried it the first time that I reviewed Yogi products and fell in love. It is fruity and sweet tasting without anything added. This time, I tried the decaf version because I loved the idea of being able to drink my favorite tea near bed. If you have not tried this tea, it is a must-try! The rest of the teas that I tried were very tasty as well. I love the caramel one because it is like a little caffeine free dessert before bed.

I love Yogi teas and would highly recommend them. They are richer tasting and sweeter than many teas which I love. You can find these at most grocery stores or health food stores.

Is Yogi tea good for you?

Yes, tea is a great drink option. It is hydrating, has zero sugar or calories typically and can have health benefits like antioxidants. I drink a cup of tea most days and love it.

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  1. Oh, bad dogs! That's hilarious, though. They seem to have good taste!

  2. I love Yogi teas! I especially like their Sweet Chili that has a bit of a kick.

  3. The dogs do have good taste lol!

    Matt- I have never tried the Sweet Chili- that sounds really interesting. I will keep an eye out for that one!

  4. I'm trying to get into tea and it's definitely easier with my Libre tea glass-There are so many different and unique teas out there and they are so much more BETTER for you!

    I'm definitely going to have to try this brand-They seem to have some really unique flavors :)

    Great review!


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