August 13, 2012

Prime Snack Review

Of course I love to review different products and trying different snacks is one of the most fun things to try. Prime Snack is a company that sells all different types of snacks in different packages so that you can try an assortment. For my review, I was sent the SnackPack to try which comes with a bunch of different snacks. It comes with 24 healthier snacks for $24.99.

When the package arrived, I was impressed by the variety of snacks that it came with. With 24 different products, I had a lot of tasting to do. Good thing I love to snack ; ). Some of the products that I was sent are not pictured because I tried them before I took the picture.

Some favorites include the following:

-Mareblu Naturals Almond Crunch- I had never tried these before and ended up loving them. They are little chunks of almonds stuck together with a bit of sugar. Very tasty as a midmorning snack!

-BBQ PopChips- love these! They are a healthier version of chips that taste amazing. My other favorite flavor is the salt and vinegar

-Cacao Beans- I am not even the biggest chocolate fan but ended up loving these. They contain a large cacao bean covered in chocolate. It is a good mix of bitter and sweet. Just one or two of these are the perfect after dinner sweet for me.

Just ok:
-Sweet Potato PopChips- For what a huge fan of PopChips I am, I was quite dissapointed in these. They did not have much flavor and were both salty and sweet which I thought was odd for a chip. I probably would not buy them but they were not horrible either.

I love to eat healthy but always include a couple of snacks per day. For a large variety of healthier snacks, check out Prime Snack!

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  1. I love those fruit snacks - the annie ones, they're the best!

  2. This seems like a wonderful way to discover new products and companies! I've heard of some and tried a few of what you got, but I'd definitely love to sample all the rest ^.^

    Great review!


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