August 14, 2012

What the RD Means for The Nutritionist Reviews

Now that I am a registered dietitian, I have been thinking about the direction that my blog should go. In most ways, it is not going to change at all. I love doing product reviews/giveaways- they have become part of who I am. It is my number one hobby. Becoming a dietitian though has changed my views on a couple of things though. 

I have always been honest with you guys. If I hate a product, I am not going to lie and say I loved it.  Sometimes though, I do not want to be mean to the company though and hurt their feelings so I back a negative comment with 10 good ones. I have been thinking that I need to be more true to my readers and if something is not very good, I need to be a bit more honest about it. In my upcoming reviews, I make sure to tell you anything that I do not like.

Also, I will continue to do some paid posts. I really like Social Spark so I will continue to do those as well as stuff like FoodBuzz posts. What I will not do is silly, almost spam like ads. There is no point. It does not benefit you and does not even pay well at all.

Finally, this is where I need your help. I have thought about this for about a year now. My blog is called The Nutritionist Reviews and so is my website name. Now that I am a registered dietitian, I feel like maybe I should change the blog name to something like "The Dietitian Reviews". The problem is that I have worked hard for almost 2 years to build up my domain at  If I changed the blog site, I would lose everything that I worked for. So at this point, I am still not sure of what to do. I want to get the credit of being a registered dietitian and the idea that comes behind that.

So I ask you- what do you think that I should do? Should I change my blog name/web URL or should I keep it as The Nutritionist Reviews?

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  1. My comment might be a bit long, hope you don't mind.

    I would not change it. As someone who is a "nutritionist" but not a dietitian, I have strong feelings about both titles. You may not agree with me, and that's OK, I would still follow you even if our views are not completely the same.

    I have a Master's in nutrition that I received (yikes) 8 years ago. I feel like I need to say that it was from an accredited university as well; not some online certificate. In that time, I have done tons of more research and reading into nutrition, and my philosophy about nutrition has changed quite a bit.

    I know you probably feel that you want that "RD/Dietitian" title somewhere on your blog title because you have worked so hard for it and it brings credibility. However, just to give you an alternate view, not everyone looks upon the word dietitian favorably. I have mixed feelings. I feel like things are changing in the nutrition world (for the better) to more whole foods and less processed. Yet, dietitians still have their yearly conference sponsored by companies like Coke and ConAgra.

    I have worked with many dietitians as well who just repeat what they have learned in school, without truly doing their own research. So because of this reason, I do not always think of dietitians in the highest regard. I try not to generalize, but I feel like the majority still have antiquated views, as in saturated fat is bad, low-fat is good, for example.

    I think the best thing would be to keep your blog as is, at least for 6 months, but longer would be better, while you "live" with your RD title. Just like when you move into a house and people tell you to live in it first for a while before making big changes.

    This way you can see what your nutrition philosophy will be. Keep reading and researching, especially alternate views different from eatright. And try to have an open mind. I was very closed minded at first, thinking I knew it all and others were quacks :) But I eventually opened up to new ideas, and even now I notice I still change my mind on what I think about nutrition.

    Okay this was very long. Thanks for letting me go on and I hope I helped your decision.

  2. I would keep it, can't you add the other part to your blog ?

  3. I think you should keep it! Two reasons. First, the ones you've mentioned. You probably want to keep the momentum and following you have with the name you currently have. Secondly, and this sort of goes to the first poster's point, I think 'nutritionist' conveys what you do more directly and colorfully. You could always add something about being an RD in your blog's tag line or something, and that would make clear that you have the title to back up your opinions! :)

  4. Honestly, everyone knows you as The Nutritionist Reviews and I don't think it's too far off from what you do. You still work on food and nutrition an review things that are on the healthier side. You worked hard and I think you should keep it! :)

    Maybe you can create a catchy bio that introduces you and tells how you're a dietician that people see immediately when they land on your website?

    Oh, and I agree with Heather; you can always come up with a catchy tag line to add to your header or something like that.

  5. Thanks everyone! I am going to keep it for now at least.

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